Farewell to KCRG

My first post! What better subject to write it on, than my farewell to KCRG before I start my new internship on the other side of the country?

If I learned anything this semester at KCRG it’s that I picked the right career.
Yes, there are days that I really dislike…days where the best story isn’t really a story at all. There are some shoots where business owners and cops and hazmat crews scold you for getting into something you shouldn’t, phone calls that end in someone hanging up on you, and then those really uninspiring interviews where the only response you can pull out of someone is “yeah” or “good.”  And I have to admit there are those really awful days when you lock the keys in the car, forget to hit record in an interview, or blow out all your video because…well because, who doesn’t like zebras and blue men?
… But then there are moments that make everything worth it.  Sometimes they only last a second, but these moments are worth every bad day you’ve ever had.  There’s nothing like getting wrapped up in a story that your subject is so utterly and completely passionate about, talking to someone who is kind compassionate and selfless, learning from other’s mistakes and victories, and heading out on wild goose chases if only for the adrenaline rush. From the lives of every day people to the stories of rockstars and Republicans…One creative shot, a short singing sound bite, and a few priceless bites of nat sound is all it takes and you’re on a reporters high the rest of the day.
You work all day, ask a million questions, and drive a hundred miles for those little moments…and at the end of the day you turn them all in and watch it in high definition. Now what could be better than that? I am so incredibly grateful for the experiences I’ve gained this year and can’t wait to get out there and look for more. Hasta la vista Cedar Rapids and aloha California.
Peace, love, rant about your passion.

One thought on “Farewell to KCRG

  1. Thanks for the pictures and updates so that we can experience this with you. Can’t wait to hear and see more!

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