Day 2: Rocky Mountain High


Miles traveled: 393

Actually I didn’t get Rocky Mountain High…Although I thought about it (just kidding, Mom and Dad). As soon as I got to my hotel, I went for a walk/run to explore Idaho Springs. I didn’t go very far before running into a wall of skunky smelling air…and I ran right past a guy trying to light up in a bird bath. Yes, a bird bath with little stone birdies in it. Thought about asking him for a puff, or a drag or whatever you do with weed. Clearly I don’t smoke it.


A short visit to Denver, CO

But before all that, I arrived in Denver around 12:30 and immediately picked up tickets to Les Miserables, the musical, showing at the theatre in Denver. WOW. The incredible vocals, choreography and stage directing seriously blew me away. Maybe it just goes back to my performance days, but there is nothing like the feeling of a full house of people clapping and cheering.

_Denver Les Mis DSCN0143

And I ate lunch right here


Mountain towns of the Rockies

Denver was great, but it was nothing like the little mountain towns tucked between the snowy peaks of the Rockies. Idaho Springs is where the gold mining craze started. It has some tourist shops and a visitor center, but mostly you get the atmosphere of a town full of residents who really love the place.  The downside – I can’t get a wi-fi connection to save my life.


Above is my cute bed and breakfast. Below is the street it was on and the deck outside my door.


Downtown was very cute. Went to a fantastic little coffee place that sold kamikaze coffee…like 5 shots of espresso.



Things I learned while driving through Colorado:

1.)    Colorado isn’t pretty until you get past Denver…the rest of it just looks like Nebraska. In fact I have no idea when I actually crossed the border.

2.)    I could probably live in Colorado, but only because the license plates remind me of home….that is, the taste of home – Busch Light.

3.)    Bumper to bumper traffic is a lot like Tetris…fit your car in the tightest space you can.

4.)    Nothing will ever ever prepare you for the beauty that is the Rocky Mountains.

5.)    Squealing and smiling in the car only makes it better.

6.)    Drive with your windows down. It’s worth having to comb out your hair with three handfuls of conditioner.

7.)    Wash your windshield (but not with your windows down) so you can see all the beautiful mountains without having to gaze through plastered bugs.

8.)    Don’t be afraid to try a little mom/pop bed and breakfast. AMAZING experience at the Columbine Inn.

9.)    The “scan” button on your radio is your best friend unless you’re high tech enough to have an mp3/ipod plugin…which I’m not. Plus, radio can be a great way to get to know the area you’re driving through.

10.) There’s nothing better than those glorious few seconds after your ears “pop” and you can hear the entire world as if you were Edward the vampire…or a dog or something.


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