Day 4-5: Flat tire won’t ruin my adventure

green river

Green River, UT. Notice all the towns around it…not

Well, today I am stuck in Green River Utah. Go ahead and look it up on a map…bet you can’t find it (except you can because I put it right up there). It’s a town of 800 and it catches a lot of overflow from people visiting the arches near Moab. So you have about 800 people looking for hotels, too.


Look how happy I was to be in Utah before I got a flat tire!

So how did I get here? A flat tire of course. Not just a flat tire, a RUINED tire. I figured I better fill up on gas because the signs said “No service for 115 miles.” I don’t want to talk about it, but they hide some really big curbs in Utah.

So Triple A got someone to put a donut on for me. Yes, I’m embarrassed I couldn’t do it myself. No, you cannot make fun of me.

My donut wil not get me the 115 miles to the nearest town. Before I can get out of here I need to buy a new one and get someone to put it on for me. Lucky for me (in my best sarcastic voice), my car has oddball sized tires so they have to order it. Worse yet, no one works on Memorial Day weekend. I just may be here until Tuesday.

And since it is Memorial Day weekend, ALL of the hotel rooms in the entire town are booked. There are almost a dozen hotels in town. I walked into a hotel with a sign “no vacancy” practically crying and begged the guy at the front desk to help me find a hotel. The nice gentleman called around until he found the last two hotel rooms left in all of Green River, UT….2 smoking rooms at the Motel 6. I owe him a thank you card.

Now I don’t mind a little dirt, or a flat bed, or no breakfast…and I’m not necessarily above a Motel 6…but this room was beyond disgusting. I considered sleeping in my car. They said it was a nice and safe town, but I thought better and decided the deadbolt and latch were probably a better idea.

20130526_002628 20130526_002637 20130526_002654

The room had two beds. I ripped off all the sheets on one bed and put them on the other. I slept with no blankets and wouldn’t bring in my suitcase in fear of bed bugs.

But you know what? The whole deal is an inconvenience that I survived.  Always looking on the bright side. I’ll make it to California yet.

I’ll keep you posted.

Hugs from Utah.


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