Day 5: Turning inconvenience into adventure


Miles traveled: 272

I am so glad now that I got stuck in Green River, Utah. It saved me an expensive hotel in Salt Lake City and gave me an opportunity to explore the adventuresome parts of Utah.

Once again I met some really friendly and helpful people. The manager at the nasty Motel 6 – bless his soul he really tries – helped me map out the rest of my road trip since I fell behind a day. The tow truck guy that saved me last night called everyone in town until he found me a tire. A couple at breakfast chatted with me over coffee and told me about their plans to hike in Green River. I then went to the museum to ask about trails and a nice woman from town talked Utah up and down until we finally decided on Goblin Valley Park. The cashiers at the truck stop joked with me about the geyser – “It’s like a woman…unpredictable…It goes off when it wants to.”  And a foreign couple also in need of a new tire at the truck stop laughed with me, making the best of our misfortune.

Utilize the visitor center

I love visitor’s centers. Usually the people that work there enjoy telling people about the city or state. I thought Utah was a big rotten pile of sand and rocks. I was wrong. The nice woman sent me to Goblin Valley State Park. I totally recommend it!

_Goblin State Park DSCN0290 DSCN0298 DSCN0301 DSCN0303 DSCN0313 DSCN0323 DSCN0330

Things I learned while driving through Utah:

1.)    Learn to use random rocks and objects to take photos. Proud to say I took all those photos up there.

1.5.) Eventually, lack of sleep WILL catch up with you.

2.)    Almost everywhere I’ve driven through so far you can find at least one country station and one Christian station, which is good for me since I enjoy both.

3.)    Some of Utah is actually pretty!

4.)    You can’t learn by talking….I always have to remind myself when I meet new people to shut up. I get so excited to tell them about my plans, but my favorite conversations are the ones where I just listen. Everyone has a story to tell.

5.)    Sometimes inconveniences aren’t really inconvenient. If I wouldn’t have gotten a flat, I would have driven late in the dark to Salt Lake City and paid for a really expensive hotel. I would have missed out on Goblin Park and breakfast in Green River.

6.)    Don’t let picture taking get in the way of the experience. I LOVE pictures. I have to remind myself that stopping ever minute to take a photo takes away from the overall beauty.

7.)    Fill up on gas. Towns can be hard to come by.

8.)    No one lives in Utah…


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