Day 6: The Great Salt Lake and the Brewery at Lake Tahoe


Miles traveled: 577

The Great Salt Lake

Before I headed out of Utah, I stopped at the Great Salt Lake for a little photo shoot.


Thanks, boobs for effectively ruining this photo


I wouldn’t be a good tourist without a sign photo…using my car as a tripod


The marina


Look ma, I’m pretending to be a model


excellent framing using a post I must say

_DSCN0365 _DSCN0375

Driving sucks

Today I made the longest drive yet from Salt Lake City to Stateline, NV. Nevada is hideous. The only thing in Nevada is dirt, prostitutes, and casinos.

Okay that was probably harsh….but pretty much.

I took the long way around after getting a flat tire. You can’t see it on the map above, but there’s a two lane road that goes through the middle of Nevada called “The Lonely Highway.” There are very few stops and pretty much no civilization. I figured after the luck I already had that I better just play it safe and take the extra miles.

Along the highway there are several signs that say “Stay awake!” and “Drowsy drivers are dangerous drivers.” There were a few signs that blinked, “108 DEATHS ON NEVADA HIGHWAY THIS YEAR.”

Always eat at the bar

Once I got to Stateline, NV I got dressed up and went to the Brewery at Lake Tahoe. I felt pretty stupid when I sat down at the bar and got a Diet Coke because I’m still 20 and 10 months.

Always eat at the bar if you’re alone. I met more friends at the brewery. A local guy named Jeff invited me to his friend’s place for food and drinks. I took him up on the offer and went.

“Medical” marijuana for them…beer for me. After a some great conversation and wet kisses from their dogs I headed home for the night with some new numbers and new perspectives.

The most awesome hotel:

DSCN0391 DSCN0392

I stayed at Doc’s Cottages for the low price of $55 and a $10 tip. What a steal! These cottages are still the same buildings that Clark Gable used to request every time he vacationed at Lake Tahoe. They’re located at Stateline Nevada. Technically the cabins are in Nevada but if you cross the street you’re in California.

What I learned driving through Nevada

2.)    I am very naïve. Drugs, brothels, legal prostitution, gambling…We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

3.)    I don’t want to move to the East Coast anymore. I’m going west.

4.)    Don’t judge a book by its cover….or the drugs it does. I’ve met so many sweet people along the way. Some cute, some not so cute, a lot that do drugs. Give them a chance to talk and you’ll be amazed. People have great stories to tell and great personalities to reveal.

5.)    Also don’t judge a book by how much hair he has….I can’t believe how many people I’ve met with long hair out here.

6.)    I want to start my TV career in Reno, Nevada. Close enough to Lake Tahoe and Cali… Or maybe that’s a bad idea because I’ll be vacationing in my free time.

7.)    Some things are just better in silence. Hiking, sitting on the beach, reflecting at the top of a mountain…you know, just the usual stuff.

8.)    There are a lot of great places to meet people – hiking, sitting on the beach, at the bar in a restaurant, a local coffee place – but Casinos are NOT great places to meet people.

9.)    Always be you. Every time I meet someone, I change my stories and put on a slightly different personality to impress that person. While it’s good to be adaptable, it’s not good to stop being you.


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