Day 7: Hiking and Running at Lake Tahoe

A beach is a beach

I woke up early this morning to fill out postcards on Nevada Beach. It was freezing cold, but so worth it. A beach is a beach. I don’t care how many cool things I’ve seen, nothing will ever be as therapeutic as a beach.


With the mountains in the back


early morning chilly!


A hike in the mountains

I wanted to hike some well known trails by myself…you know to have time to think and meditate and reflect since this is my eat pray love tour.

I couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to go.

So I called up Jeff and he took his dog, Zephyr and we went hiking up what I like to call, “Granite Mountain.” That’s not really what it’s called but that’s what it looked like. It was a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe. At the top we drank a couple beers before heading down. Perfect. Just perfect.


Pure beauty




Trees make great tripods, too.


This is precisely why I don’t let other people frame up my photos…was this lady drunk?


I made it!


Lake Tahoe ❤




A run on the beach ❤

I decided to go for a run on the beach once I got home. It was about 3 miles to get to the pier. Then I walked about another mile and sat  on the beach and just smiled. It really is too bad that Lake Tahoe isn’t warm more months out of the year.

I ran most of the way back…not a runner.

A Diet Coke at the bar

Yes, I did order a Diet Coke at the casino. I just wanted to get dressed up and go out. And I figured I wouldn’t really have seen all of Nevada until I went in at least one casino. #Fail. At least I tried.

What I learned in Stateline, Nevada

1.) Medical Marijuana cards are not hard to get

2.) I need to learn winter sports so I can enjoy Lake Tahoe area year round.

3.) Lake Tahoe, contrary to what I thought, is NOT warm in May. And I brought swimsuits instead of sweatshirts. How embarrassing.

4.) Hiking is beautiful there, too.

5.) Tahoe area is probably the only great part of Nevada.

6.) There are a lot of great places to meet people…the casino is not one.

7.) Don’t buy soda at a casino bar. It costs more than the liquor.

8.) Boutiques in tourist towns have awesome clothing…that’s unaffordable.

9.) TripAdvisor is a Godsend. It helped me find the most amazing cabins in the whole town.

10.) I love Tahoe and I will move to Carson City so I am close to my job in Reno and the beach at Lake Tahoe. You betcha.


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