My trip in numbers

whole trip

Road trip of a lifetime

Number of miles driven                                                                2,320

Number of hours driven                                                               36

Number of hours driven without AC (gas saving)                   34

Number of towns driven through                                               27

Number of pictures taken                                                            358

Number of meals eaten since home                                           23

Average price of meal                                                                    3.47

Number of times eating out                                                          2

Total cost of food (minus kickoff groceries from mom)        67.07

Average mileage                                                                            31

Highest price per gallon                                                              4.19

Lowest price per gallon                                                                3.50

Average price of hotel with tax                                                  69.28

Lowest price of hotel no tax                                                       54

Highest price of hotel no tax                                                      69

Total cost of hotels for 7 nights                                                 495.85

Total cost of gas                                                                            303.60

Number of flat tires:                                                                    1

Amount of money spent on a new tire                                     169

Number of not flat tires:                                                             4

Number of texts and calls to mom and dad                           46

Number of times offered weed                                                  6

Number of times I took them up on the offer                        0

Number of postcards sent                                                          30

Average z’s per night                                                                   5.85

Number of miles covered by foot                                              at least 40

Number of people met                                                                a bushel

Number of experiences of a lifetime                                        a peck

Number of risks taken                                                                just enough

Number of times I regretted traveling alone                         none

Total cost of road trip                                                                1200

Amount of money left in my bank account                           not enough

The memories in my back pocket                                            priceless


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