New, new, new

Wandering like a lost puppy in the grocery store, cutting people off because I can’t figure out what lane to be in, wearing my swimsuit inside out on accident, getting a dress stuck on my head at the pool, having the only Iowa plates in the entire state, getting laughed at for asking what tri-tips are, and looking like a wide eyed deer when someone greets me in Spanish…There’s no hiding that I am a newbie here in California.

Apologies in advance…all you get this week are a few lame selfies…I will have to remember to take photos when I’m out and about.

New geography, new hair

This is how my hair looks in the morning….


And when I get home from work.


Okay I lied, both those pictures were in the morning, but it’s pretty close.

I never thought I’d proudly call the desert home. Never going back to the Midwest.

Ever. I quit Iowa.

New station

ABC30 is great! Everyone has been friendly and helpful so far. I love the way the newsroom is run (I’ll dedicate whole posts to the newsroom in the future, promise).

It is definitely a new and different experience from KCRG. I keep catching myself saying, “Well, back at home…” or, “At channel 9…” and then I have to remember that I am here, not there.

New news

For my first full shift I shadowed Rick Montanez for the day. He’s a great reporter and offered a lot of insight and advice. His photographer, Jack, gave some interesting bits of info, too.

The story we covered was crazy…but nothing too new to Fresno.

I’m not allowed to give out “sensitive” details, but in short a registered sex offender who lived across the street from a park and down the road from a school was arrested for manufacturing and distributing child porn. Back in ’97 he pled guilty to raping a 14 year old girl and then stealing from her parents. For that he served four years in jail and one year of probation. Apparently that didn’t teach him anything since he was allegedly secretly videotaping women and girls and streaming it online. (I’m allowed to be subjective in blogging, right?)


Rick Montanez live in downtown Fresno at 11, ABC30

Click here for Rick’s story. I also wrote one and shot my own topical (tease, for you non-newsies) but of course it didn’t air.

New friends

On Sunday I attended the Well Community Church at Woodward Park. I now have a half dozen new numbers in my phone, coffee dates in the planning, and an invite to Friday night hangouts.  After service one of the girls from Fresno State invited me to her apartment complex to go swimming with her friends.

Not new awkwardness

Before leaving the pool I got hit on by some guy…. Awkward me gets a dress stuck on my head right as he walks over to shake my hand and say hi. I proceeded to hold out my hand with a crooked smile and a wet dress half covering my face. Lord, there’s no hope.

New Skin

Literally. My burn is peeling and it’s a little painful.


How I spend my time outside

New me

Well, aside from my new voluptuous California hair …

(Let’s take a look at that hair again)


hair hair hair

….and my new cooler wardrobe (including the “Beth Malicki dress”) I am a new me inside and out. Away from friends and family….away from familiar streets and signs…away from a common culture…away from “comfortable”…my confidence shines a little brighter and I like it.

New wisdom from Fresno, CA

1.)  Regular strength deodorant will no longer cut it. Clinical strength all the way.

2.)  People are so friendly at the grocery story…or maybe I just look really lost.

3.)  My eyes hate California. New best friend is Claritin.

4.)  I LOVE the West coast. Operation California underway for the next year.

5.)  Learn to speak Spanish. Like now.

6.)  ABC30 is a midsized station run as if it’s in the top 10. So much is happening in this city.

7.)  Just ask questions and you’d be amazed at the willingness of people to help whether you are at work, the grocery store or wherever.

8.)  Hairspray no longer needed. My hair LOVES California. Say yes to voluptuous hair EVERY day.

One more time…


Last time…I promise

Seriously, my hair has NEVER looked this great my entire life. I can’t get over it. Sorry, readers.

9.)  I think I might try to get into agriculture reporting…I need a niche. What do you think? Is “Farmer chic” a good look for me? 😉

10.)  If you want to make friends, learn something new, need directions, or want to start a friendly conversation, just tell people you are new. Everyone loves to talk about their own home no matter what city you’re in.

11.)  Of course, you also have to be careful who you tell that you’re new!

12.)  Never fail, you’ll meet lots and lots of great people at church. Can’t wait for Sundays.

Until next time, Cheers from California 🙂



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