Fun and fresh, fresh, fresh!

Yesterday when I was out with a reporter we asked a little girl why she liked the farmer’s market. Her response was, in the cutest little voice, “Because it’s fun! And it’s fresh, fresh, fresh!” Was her daddy a farmer? Or her mom a chef?

I found out for myself what a Fresno famer’s market is like this weekend at a smaller (and seemingly more expensive) one.


There were so many fruits, vegetables, jams, nuts, cheeses, and more to choose from. I finally decided on some fresh cherries because I had never tasted one before…


I think I am now a little in love with cherries. I also bought a nectarine, because I’ve never tasted one of those before, either.

Then I bought some green beans for supper and some strawberries. Strawberries are TO DIE FOR here. I don’t know if it’s simply because they are in season or because they are locally grown but they are SO GOOD. If I could eat a flat, I would…or two.


Wish I had Sabine here to help me pick out good food and spices!



The honey bear guy was just a little too friendly….and his jars were a little too expensive.

Next time I’ll try to share some photos from WinCo Foods…it’s like shopping in a zoo.


But until next time, cheers from Cali.



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