Clumsy, charming, or both

Sometimes I think I should just start a blog for all the awkward things I do throughout the week…

My incredible, unexpected luck

Yesterday was 111 degrees in Fresno. I don’t even want to talk about what kind of things 111 degrees will make your body do. I was joking with my host family that I needed to find a country club pool to sit by all day.

So what do you know, I run into this really nice guy at a unique coffee place called “Kuppa Joy” in Old Town Clovis. Seems like a really upstanding guy. He’s a successful, intelligent 24-year-old who went to school on the coast. And there’s my invite to the country club.

Oh the irony of my day.

A little suspense never killed anyone

My GPS wouldn’t work, I couldn’t figure out where to go, it was a 20 minute drive….and I took a full hour to get there. I was a full hour late.

But no worries, my stock broker guy friend used the time to research for his job. Maybe he expected my terrible punctuality. I probably would if I met me.

Those damn fences

We talked and talked for a few hours. Not a silent moment. Honestly, I had a pretty wonderful night. Around 10:30 we finally decided it was time to pack up and head home a half hour after the pool area closed. And guess what? Security locked us in.

After unsuccessfully trying every locked gate, we gave up and decided to jump the fence. Of course I’m standing there all cocky saying, “Oh, us Iowa girls hop fences all the time…I got this,” and, “Yeah, I was a gymnast. Watch me muscle my way up there.”

Yeah. Right.

I threw my purse over the fence, tied my maxi in a knot, and proceeded to hop up.  I’m a bit vertically challenged. The only thing I managed was to slam my chest against the metal and fall over. This, of course, all happens as a bunch of high school kids sit there and laugh at me.

So what do I do? Try again! Tenacity, my friends…tenacity built the light bulb.

This time I take a running start. I’ll go ahead and let you imagine how that went.

Finally, the intelligent one of us suggests using a chair. I manage to step up onto the chair, and kick it out from under me as I’m sliding down the side of the fence. In the meantime the high school kids across the pool are practically crying I’m so funny.

So Mr. Intelligent-Muscles held onto the chair as I slowly climbed my way up, got stuck at the top and finally fell to the other side.

The amazing part about it all?

I survived, I got his number, AND I got a good night text saying he had a great time and would love to hang out again.

I guess the clumsy thing just works for some girls. So take notes y’all. I’ve got it mastered.


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