My first package

My first experience writing at ABC30

If you’ve been following, I went out with reporter, Rick Montanez last Wednesday on a story about child pornography. It was my first chance to report. The photographer even let me shoot a topical (tease) for the story.  Since the facts are all correct, Rick’s story already aired, and my story was not written for air I think I can share my scripts.  Before you read the script, though, you’re going to need to know a few terms from the news business.

A little reporter lingo…for the non-newsies

2-SHOT: a straight on camera shot of both anchors

SOT: “sound on tape” a little bite of an interview

TRACK: the reporters voice

VO: “voice over” when a reporter or anchor speaks over video

NAT: Nat sound or natural sound

Stand-up: when a reporter appears on camera speaking or demonstrating something

PKG: when the reporter makes a story their own, will include VO, SOT, track, and usually a stand up or live intro/tag

VO/SOT: “voice over/sound on tape” an anchor or reporter reads over video then a short sound bite of an interview

The real deal…the PKG

This is what a PKG would look like in our scripting software using all the above terms. The script would also include code that feeds through to the person directing graphics.  In most stations the letters would be in all caps.

Fresno man arrested for allegedly making and distributing child porn

A registered sex offender is back in jail, this time for child pornography.
Police say he secretly videotaped women and young girls and distributed it over the internet.
Action News reporter, Rebekah Hoeger is live in downtown Fresno with more details.

{***LIVE SHOT***}
Thank you, Liz.
Investigators are going through, what they say is a laundry list of evidence found in Derek Garcia’s home…located right across the street from a playground and a school.


[TAKE NAT] <kids playing>
Jessie Munoz takes his son often to Lion’s Park to play baseball.
He says he feels safe in the park.
So Munoz was shocked to learn a sex offender lived right across the street.

{***JESSIE MUNOZ/NEIGHBORHOOD PARENT***} <“Its kind of hard to believe it really makes no sense especially where theres a school.”>

Down the road from Slater school…and across the street from Lions park…
Police confiscated a laptop, cameras and child pornography.
Investigators say those items belonged to Derek Garcia, who had been secretly taping women and girls.

{***DETECTIVE DUSTIN BRUZEE/SEXUAL ASSAULT DIVISION***} <“There was a laundry list of items taken and those things are being gone through and have been preserved as evidence”>

Garcia also has a laundry list on his record, sexual crimes beginning with rape in 1997.
But police say the child pornography investigation of started 6 months ago with internet file sharing.

{***DETECTIVE DUSTIN BRUZEE/SEXUAL ASSAULT DIVISION***} <“Because this is an ongoing investigation, I can just tell you that I’m trained to monitor the p2p networks for that type of activity and that is what brought our attention to mr Garcia in the first place”>

Garcia’s laptop was found in neighbor, Louis Garybay’s yard.
Garybay says Garcia kept to himself.

{***LOUIS GARYBAY/NEIGHBOR***} “I spoke to him very seldom. When he came home he’d wave and I’d wave back”


{***LIVE SHOT***}
Police say that Garcia was in compliance with the sex offender registry laws.
Garcia could live in his home next to the park as long as his name and address were listed on the Meagan’s Law website.
But soon Garcia could be calling prison his home.
Live in downtown Fresno, Rebekah Hoeger, ABC30 Action  News

Want more?

The video got wiped out before I could request it to be saved so all you get is the script. But if you do want to see video, you can check out Rick Montanez’s package here.


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