When things go wrong in the newsroom

The N Drive stopped working, the audio booth wouldn’t record, stories were falling through, breaking news was coming in, and I had a massive case of the hiccups (so that’s not everyone’s problem, but it sure was annoying).

When things go wrong in the newsroom, everything goes wrong. If one piece of technology stops working, all the computers might as well just be on strike and all the operating systems might as well have malaria.

Nonetheless I love being in the newsroom from 3-5. That’s crunch time on a normal day. On a hectic day, it’s more like a fire is ripping through the building (except for the producers don’t fear fire). Except for the producers, eyed glued to the screen, movement speeds up before news time. People run around with papers. Crews come in and out the door. Reporters scramble to get their interviews logged and stories written. Photographers are jumping from edit bay to edit bay. The scanners beep. People yell. And every once in awhile you’ll catch a profanity.

I love that excitement. Of course I can say that because there’s no pressure on me. I’m just the intern.  We’ll see how I feel when I’m the actual reporter trying to get my stuff in on time…probably not the same.

What I love even more about this business is that even in all the hectic mess, the news goes on.  Stories happen every minute of every day and somebody’s got to tell them. It’s going to take an apocalypse before the news stops…and even then, reporters will be in front of the camera on the mic until the very end of the world updating people on the end of the world.  We just hope that a public information officer would still be willing to talk. (You laugh, but I bet in the event of an apocalypse you’d be cooped up in your basement watching and listening)

So without a doubt, our newscasts survived.  Roadblocks in the news are not really roadblocks. You just get yourself an all terrain vehicle and bust your way through.


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