Pictures are worth a thousand words

Instead of boring you with a long post recapping my weekend, I’ll share in pictures (and some captions…so not completely word-less).

Ready, set, instagram.



See that little Disney sign? That means I’m “part of the cast.” Childhood dreams come true. I can now open any door I want without an escort.

dog shelter

Went out on a story about a woman accused of animal neglect. Sources say she was buying dogs at shelters like this one claiming to be a 501(c)(3). She then allegedly hoarded them at her house and tried to sell sick animals in Monterey for big bucks.

horse at the market

F7 tonight was at the farmers’ market. I guess they have ponies at farmers’ markets these days.


Dancing to live music at the market


Santa Clara Van Guard’s home show was in Clovis Friday night. I don’t care how nerdy it makes me, I get giddy just thinking about these DCI shows. SCVG was the best (accd to me).



Some good retail therapy. I love hiking and trees and dirt and all that stuff, but I can’t help but feel like a queen coming down the escalator at Macy’s.


New Marc by Marc Jacobs shades! I will be in shopping withdrawal for the next month now…woops


I’m actually a chef. My host family was camping for the weekend so I used the open kitchen to make roasted red pepper soup. Uh, yum.


This really happened…



Part of Sunset Loop Trail. Went hiking for the morning in Kings Canyon


The trail passes by Ella Falls. Pictures don’t do it justice, as you know I’m sure.


More Ella Falls


The view beyond Ella Falls. So serene. These falls aren’t as tourist-y as Tokopah Falls or Hanging Lake (if you recall from previous posts) so it was just me and the beautiful outdoors!

Went to my first service in the Well Community Church.

tag your faith

The Well Community Church is in the process of building new kids connection buildings and they wanted everyone in the church to share their favorite verse, or something that they wish they’d known about God when they were a kid. Armed with sharpies and Bibles, we “tagged our faith” after service.


Isaiah 40:8


Well, the plan was to go to the beach today, but I had a stupid stupid stupid presentation due for class.



Until next time, cheers from California

P.S. I’m thinking highlights on my hair when I get home. Whaddaya think?


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