Nothing more beautiful than the color green

Now I know I’ve only been out of Iowa for a month now, but even so, I’ve noticed several differences coming home.

Iowa really is a beautiful state. Everywhere I’ve gone on my summer trip, I’ve loved each landscape. I’ve loved meeting new people with different perspectives.  Each place from Colorado to California has been unique – not better. Every part of the states (yes, even Utah) I’ve found beauty and something to appreciate. And of course I didn’t realize just what I would appreciate in Iowa until I left. It’s not finding a region or state or city that’s better than the rest – it’s finding one that fits you best.

8 Things I love about Iowa


My brother and Tracy saying their vows. Family – the real reason I went home.

1.) Family. Home is where the heart is. Home isn’t about geography, it’s about the people and memories that connect you and continue to you back.


2.) GREEN. Nothing is more beautiful than green fields and green pastures and green grass and green landscapes. I forgot how much prettier grass is than dirt, especially grass that grows naturally without any irrigation. It’s much brighter than the stuff you have to force to grow.


3.) Cloudy skies. Cloudy skies make humidity and we all know how much I hate humidity. I mean I really hate humidity. But look how beautiful this landscape is. And it’s nice and cool too.


4.) Home. Our big old farm house, the shed in the back, the view from the porch, the lilac bush out front, the gravel/dirt path to the cabin out back, the green pastures, the corn growing around the house. There’s nothing quite like home, no matter where it is.

20130630_205430 20130701_114921 20130628_104955

5.) Gravel roads and trucks. I am no farm girl – ask any of my friends or family…but come on, I think anyone would enjoy a ride in this Ford swervin’ all over a country road. Why do you think country artists sing about the gravelly stuff so often?



6.) Friends. Missed my best girl friends tremendously.  Enough said.



In my running path

7.) Campfires. Because it’s cool enough and it’s wet enough. My favorite – seriously favorite – part of summer is nights under the stars around a big warm fire.


8.) The air. The air sucks in Fresno. It really really sucks. It was so refreshing to breathe in some cool Iowa air (that is until I drove past our neighbor’s farm and choked on some nice hog aroma). It was even better to go for a run in it.


9.) Corn. Yep, I even like the corn.

IMG_20130702_103719 corn


Even with all that Iowa fun, I am ready to get back to California. I’m a traveler at heart.

Until next time…


Cheers from Denver!


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