Let’s talk about hot…

A long overdue post about escaping the heat.

Today is the 14th consecutive day of triple digit heat in the Valley. Don’t believe me? Check out ABC30’s forecast.  Thursday and Friday it’s supposed to “let up”…. and when I say “let up,” I mean 98 and 99 degree afternoons. I think Corin said it best today when he said, “Every time it goes below a hundred everybody’s like, ‘Woohoo!'”


And with the unbearable heat, comes bad air quality. If you’re not familiar with California geography, let me explain what causes the heat and the air pollution.  The Central Valley is enclosed by mountains on both the east and west sides.  That kills all the airflow. On top of that, it doesn’t rain in the summer, so there’s nothing to clean the air.

(I screwed up the map so you’ll have to zoom out to see the mountain ranges.)

It’s best to avoid exercising outside…and going outside, period.  According to the American Lung Association, pollution and bad air quality can contribute to lung infections, asthma, and even lung cancer.  Valley cities rank in the top 3 dirtiest cities (for air) by ozone, by year round particle pollution, and by short term particle pollution. Check out this map for a great visual.

The good news? (For Iowans reading). Six Iowa cities are ranked in the cleanest USA cities for ozone air pollution!

So here’s the glass half full part. Dirty, hot air is all the more reason to escape to either the mountains or the coast. I did both last week. 🙂  And since pictures speak louder than words, I’ll just let you browse through my Fourth of July photos at Avila Beach and weekend getaway photos from Shaver Lake. Enjoy!

Avila Beach from sun up til sun down

avila 8 avila 7 avila 9 avila5 avila6 avila4 avila3 avila 2

An afternoon at Shaver Lake

shaver 2 shaver 1 shaver 3


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