It’s not “goodbye,” it’s “See you later!”

Well, that’s all folks.

ImageIt’s see ya later – sayonara – so long friends.

 Tomorrow I hop in my car and drive to San Francisco to meet my big brother, Jason. By Sunday evening, I’ll be out of California. And in one week from today I’ll be in the great state of Iowa, preparing myself for another crazy semester in the land of the Hawkeyes.

Just like any ending to a great story – the goodbyes are bittersweet.

I’ve missed my friends and family. I’ve missed green rolling pastures (you roll your eyes but I’m not kidding). I’ve missed gravel roads (and Busch Lights…), thunderstorms, and public pools.

But I have loved every minute of California – the dry weather and my voluptuous hair, mountains to the east and beaches to the west, beautiful lakes, the best faith community I’ve ever been a part of, and the amazing TV news station that welcomed me in as their crazy-question-asking-Iowan intern.

So why not top off summer with another list of cool California “stuff?” (remind me to get a new planner and a stack of sticky notes when I get back to Iowa #TypeA ).

1.) Dry heat = great hair = broken and brittle split ends. In the end, desert heat is good for no one.

2.) Consecutive triple digit days call for the strongest of clinical strength deodorant.

3.) Not every California beach is warm. Don’t be the stupid intern wearing a light dress and a sweater at Pismo Beach…lesson learned.

4.) I must radiate “Iowa.” I swear people stare everywhere I go.

5.) On second thought, I probably look lost everywhere I go.

6.) When homeless people scream at you that you’re “crazy white trash” don’t take it to heart.

7.) The only place you can get to without hopping in your car is your own back yard. #ReasonsIMissIowa

8.) I can’t wait to get back to Iowa where I can make a left turn any darn place I want.

9.) There’s no better place than the central valley to find the “dog days of summer.”

10.) “US” Cellular?….more like “Midwest Cellular” or you know what, how about “B.S. Cellular?”

11.) Kindness is key. Every time I ask, “What’s your best advice for a newbie reporter,” someway or another, kindness fits in the answer.

12.) I am continuously reminded, despite all the bad news, that people are good.

13.) There’s nothing that hard work and creative thinking won’t accomplish.

14.) Anywhere, everywhere people like country music. Thank God.

And finally…

15.) There’s no reason to be sad, when there’s reason to come back. 🙂 I have no doubt I’ll find my way back to Fresno as either a visitor or a new resident.

Stay tuned for one more final video post dedicated to all the stories I’ve done.


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