When life gives you limes…

From Crater Lake to crater car

We spent the morning exploring Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.


You just can’t even describe the kind of beauty here (I’m talking about the lake, of course)

At around noon we headed out of the park on our way toward Kennewick. One second we were at a stop sign at a major highway junction waiting to turn left, and the next we had a truck on our trunk.  Some idiot distracted driver in a big souped up truck with big-a** wheels CRUSHED the back end of my car. The stupid rig didn’t even get a scratch.


I guess he did lose his license plate


So do I get new luggage out of this, too?

We blew at least two hours on the phone with insurance, police, and roadside assistance. My brother was laughing trying to lighten the mood, the other driver was shaking already thinking about selling his truck, and I was seeing red – ONLY shades of red. If it weren’t for my brother talking the three of us calm and the bible in my glove box, that guy would have been IN Crater Lake – with his stupid truck, too.

But when life gives you limes you make limeade right?20130728_153753

Next stop – Walmart. There was no way we were waiting for my car to get fixed.  Jason bought aluminum foil, new bulbs and transparent tape to make a make-shift tale light. Looks good, huh?

With hours wasted, we ended up staying in Bend for the night and pried open the trunk to get our luggage (except for my big suitcase that isn’t going anywhere for a while). Our tickets to Kip Moore were already paid for and rooms booked.  We decided we’re just going to coax my baby north and then all the way back home.

Jason and I make damn good limeade.

I think we turned the worst situation into something pretty cool. Bend was an awesome place. It had 9 breweries, shops all over downtown, and some scenic hiking outside of town – best of both worlds for my brother and me.

DSCN0669I scratched my hiking itch with a 4 mile hike to see Tumalo Falls. The first falls are viewable


Sleeping in the car while I sing…surprised he didn’t need ear plugs

from the parking lot, then there’s two more on the way up. It’s an amazing view and moderate hike.

Then after finding a room my brother satisfied his thirst with some great beer at the Deschutes Brewery. I guess the place is nationally recognized as one of the best, but I’ll stick to Busch Light… Jason says I’m just not a “seasoned” enough beer drinker to get it yet, but I say bitter beer is not better beer.

The next morning we woke up at 4 a.m. to hit pavement by 5 and make up for lost time.

Bend, Oregon ended up being one of our favorites of the road trip.  Sometimes you have to accept the things you can’t change – serenity right? And when you do that, you’re already on your way to a good time. And that’s how you make great limeade out of some really sour limes.


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