The hostel experience – a must



The Crash Pad, an uncommon place to stay

crash pad

Before: When I heard the word hostel, I thought of the 2005 horror film where people get holes drilled into their chest, Achilles tendons cut, and blowtorches to the eye….yeah, gross. Watch the trailer here.

Now: When I hear hostel I will always remember my favorite place to stay – The Crash Pad. And no ones limbs are cut off or eyeballs burned out. It’s a clean, very comfortable, simplistic, sustainable and fun place to stay. I’d even go as far to say that it was the best night’s sleep of the entire road trip.

blue tile

This is a professional photo from The Crash Pad’s website

The common area

crash pad

Taken from Crash Pad’s website

When you walk in (far left in the photo), the front desk attendants are incredibly friendly. They relax any fears you have about staying in a bunk bed with a room full of people.

The kitchen is in the far corner and every morning they put out eggs (not cooked, you have to make them yourself!), bread, spreads and coffee. You can also store your labeled travel snacks on the shelf or in the fridge.

On the far right you can see two computers free to use. And in the middle of the room there’s a common area where people sit, relax, research on their laptops and socialize with other guests. They even have a really informative “Adventure Book” filled with the area’s greatest food, drinks and outdoor activities among other things.

Also, the coffee in the morning is some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. And the bread is local – baked right across the street! YUM!

Now, the part you’re all worried about…my bunk.

There are two floors of bunk beds. Each bunk has a reading light, several outlets, a personal fan, a shelf and clean sheets. It’s actually quite roomy inside and the curtains pull all the way shut for privacy. The bed is incredibly comfortable! Seriously, I’m due for a new one at home and I might ask them where they get their beds…


I stayed in bunk A.

An atmosphere for a successful stay

Honestly, the best part about staying in this hostel is the atmosphere. The staff makes everyone comfortable, and their friendly openness brings out the outgoing side of the guests, too. I may be stereotyping a bit much, but I believe everyone there has at least one common value or belief about traveling, sustainability, budgeting, or a love for the outdoors. I’ve met so many hikers and boulderers!

And people aren’t afraid to say hello! I’ve finally found my fellow travel crowd. No one talks at stuffy, expensive hotels, (well…unless their coffee is spiked with something strong) but here, people want to share their experience, hoping to also get a little nugget of new information about traveling in return. How do you think I found my hiking trail today?


Now that I’ve stayed at The Crash Pad, it’s going to be hard to go back to regular hotels. Everything about hotel life is anti-sustainable and quite frankly excessive! The extra towels, everyday cleaning, baby shampoo and conditioner bottles, unlimited access to anything you want (usually just to be thrown away the next day anyway).

Don’t get me wrong, I love to be pampered…but this makes sense. I like my little bunk and the people around it. The Crash Pad is reason enough to come visit Chattanooga.


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