A season of firsts – a reflection of life after college

While the rest of the country is buried in snow and sipping hot chocolate under a thick blanket, here in the South, we’re finally feeling fall.

Taken outside the station last week

Taken outside the station last week

The leaves are just now turning shades of orange and falling off the trees. The temperature has dipped to a comfortable 60 degrees (I speak for myself – people around here like the heat). Just this week, we felt our first overnight freeze and I was scrambling to get to a Home Depot for a new furnace filter. I sincerely hope the rest of my apartment complex did the same.

A Midwestern gal at heart, I just can’t get a grip on hearing Christmas music on the radio when I can still go outside without a jacket. My favorite is watching girls  wear fall layers in September when it’s still a blazing 80 degrees outside (insert chuckle and apology here).

First full day of live reporting

First full day of live reporting

Nonetheless – 80 degrees or 20 degrees – we’ve reached a new season. For me and many other spring 2014 graduates, it’s a new season of life.

I’ve experienced so many “firsts” in the last five months – first full time job, first apartment and first college loan payment (wait, does that make me an adult?). Life moves fast!

A few months ago I was sweating under a brand new Fox10 polo not only because of the southern heat, but because I was so nervous about doing my very first live shot in front of thousands of viewers. Now I’d like to think that polo is broken in (thanks to coffee in moving vehicles)…but I’m still sweating about live TV.


A season of firsts

It’s been an exciting and fun season of life to say the least. It feels good to see the fruits of my college labor. No time to admire, though. It’s time to plant new seeds for the future.

Don’t let me or anyone else kid you – beneath the happy Facebook

New baby tiger at the Gulf Coast Zoo - yes I got to pet it for free

New baby tiger at the Gulf Coast Zoo – yes I got to pet it 

posts about cute baby tigers and the screen shots reporting live, it’s been a seasons of ups and downs. Learning how to pay all your bills sucks. Learning the ins and outs of a brand new town world is hard as hell, and figuring out how to be the best you can be at your job – well I’m still figuring that out.

As an overall reflection, though, I’m happy. I’m extremely grateful for the last five months and proud of all that I’ve accomplished.

I’m not old and wise by any means, but it feels good to know I’ve got so many “firsts” under my belt. Hope all you other grads feel the same. If not, hang in there. Hard work pays off.


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