Fairhope, Alabama – My new home

As I was filling up my car with gas yesterday, a man walking back to his truck – boat in tow – walked right up to my bumper and said, “Ah-owa…That’s a lonnnnng drive.”


I said, “Yep, sure was, but I’m here to stay.” He wished me luck and that was the end of the conversation.


I paid with my credit card, filled my tank and sat in my car for a few moments. It really was a long way!


Everything has happened so quickly in the last two weeks that the drive south felt like a quick road trip rather than a thousand mile transplant.


Monday, June 9 I found out I got the job at Fox10. I spent a week rounding up my things and celebrating with friends and family. Then Monday June 16 I packed everything I could fit in my car and began my 908 mile trek to Mobile, Alabama.  By Tuesday afternoon I had arrived in Mobile. By Wednesday morning I had signed a lease. By Thursday evening I was all moved in, and on Friday Ryan drove over to see me and help settle in to my new life.


My life in a car

I hadn’t had a moment to breathe and really think about this incredible move until yesterday when a stranger pointed it out. All I could think was, “HOLY CRAP I’M AN ALABAMIAN! (Kind of)”

Starting over in a new city is harder than it looks. I’m still sleeping on a mattress pad on the floor. I’ve been eating cold food on paper plates while standing up at the counter. My boxes remain full in the corners because my things need table tops to live on.  The only edible objects in my fridge are wine, English muffins and some eggs. My clothes are neatly folded on the closet shelf because I don’t have a dresser, and my single chair doesn’t quite cut it as a couch.

Luckily my amazing boyfriend surprised me with shelving, a living room table set, a lamp and some important odds and ends. My nine-year-old niece said, “Wow, he must really love you!” I think so.


Man of the house.

The great thing about where I live, though is that I’m five minutes from the Fairhope pier and beach. I’m even closer to cute downtown with fun boutiques and delicious food. I’m very very lucky to have snagged this apartment right in town. It was literally the last one in Fairhope until late July or August.


Hippie filter

I miss my friends and family dearly, but I haven’t looked back yet. This is my first big career move. This is my new and exciting adventure and we all know how much I love adventures.

Cheers from Alabama,



More pictures of the beach and pier to scroll through:

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My Dr. Suess/Snapchat version of home:

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