The “Eat, Pray, Love Tour”

I call it my “Eat, Pray, Love Tour” because after the tour – 8 days, 7 nights, 2,300 miles, and 11 cities later – I came out a new person. Those 8 days alone… just me, my car and the highway really gave me time to reflect (and sing loudly).  The time traveling alone gave me the confidence to meet new people, latch on to new experiences, and never let an opportunity slip by.

You can click through the photos below to recap days 1-7.


Click on the Oregon Trail sign to hear about my first night in Nebraska

_Denver Les Mis

Click on the photo to learn about my first day in Colorado! From the theatre in Denver, to “Rocky Mountain high” in Idaho Springs.


Click on my face to see how I took several leaps of faith in Idaho Springs Colorado!


Click on the mountains to learn why it’s so important to be flexible when traveling through Colorado and Utah.

Click on the point to find out how I got stuck in Green River, UT, population 800…a small town over 100 miles from other civilization.

_Goblin State Park

Click on the red rock to see how I turned inconvenience into adventure in the middle of Utah.


Click on my blue dress to see more pictures of the Great Salt Lake and hear about friends I made at Lake Tahoe.


Click on Lake Tahoe to hear more about my Stateline, Nevada adventures!

whole trip

Click anywhere on the map for my summary post, “My trip in numbers.”


Click on the fisherman for more photos of Newport Beach


Click on the Continental Divide to see all the pictures from my eight-day road trip.


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